Behaviour of people at workplace is very important because at workplace people interact and work with colleagues, clients, customers, subordinates, seniors, bosses and many others. Any unpleasant behaviour of an employee will create unpleasantness at workplace and people at the workplace will fail to deliver their best. If such situation continues for long, it may affect the reputation of the organisation.

Employers expect the employees to behave according to the company policy, and they are generally ready to tell the employee about his / her inappropriate behaviour. There are many proven ways to address such problems.

In the following pages we have talked about how one can address such problems and have put up some simple suggestions on how to monitor, how to control and how to overcome those situations. We have talked about

  • About work ethics
  • About good employee
  • About good team member and good team leader
  • How to manage difficult employees
  • How to handle difficult boss
  • Effective and efficient performance management and performance improvement
  • How performance appraisal can add value to employee as well as to the manager
  • Expectation of privacy at workplace, etc.

This website content writer is an individual with 35 years of working experience in India. While at work he came across several people who were either his colleague or his client or his customer. He has seen people often face problem at workplace because of the people they are working with. Sometimes this experience can be distracting and draining. For the leaders to motivate the team and to retain the team members are the challenges. The writer talks about some of the very commonly seen workplace related problems and suggests how one can monitor, control and overcome those.