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Performance review comments

In most of the performance review forms, the assessor is expected to write overall comments after a performance review session. Since it is difficult to express the overall experience in few words, writing comments after a performance review session is not easy.

Generally the session between the assessor and the assessee will bring out positives as well as negatives. It is important to take into account of the both and then to word those in a manner to highlight the positives as well as the negatives.

It is also expected that the assessor will write a few words on the potential of the assessee and will highlight the areas where improvement will be necessary.
We have listed below some possible comments to express the findings under the above mentioned three heads. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and should be used only for reference.

Positive attributes

  • Is bright and talented
  • Has a pleasant personality
  • Works well under pressure
  • Maintains a positive attitude specially when under stress
  • Is an active listener
  • Dependable - is someone that can be depended on
  • Accepts responsibility and follows through
  • Pays attention to details
  • Constantly seeks professional development opportunities
  • Demonstrates a high level of time management skills
  • Demonstrates a high level of self confidence
  • Demonstrates a high level of self esteem
  • Demonstrates effective communication skills
  • Demonstrates a strong team playing ability
  • Takes an active part in discussions and follows instructions well
  • Goes beyond the call of duty and exceeds expectations
  • Is highly professional and serious about the quality of work
  • Gets along well with colleagues
  • Contributes in team meetings, and shares information clearly and concisely
  • Takes criticism well and is ready to learn from mistakes


  • Has leadership qualities - has potential for a leadership role in the future
  • Is strong in communication skill
  • Could be transferred to [department name]
  • His experience in previous functions is his strength
  • Is considered to be star performer in this department
  • Deals with customers well – can do well in sales

Performance Improvement

  • Needs to improve the customer handling skills
  • Needs to improve communication skills
  • Needs to demonstrate team player attitude
  • Needs to pay attention on time management
  • Needs to pay attention to details
  • Needs to pay attention of accuracy
  • Needs to improve on follow-up matters
  • Needs more training on [area where training is recommended]
  • Should demonstrate interest in the work
  • Should listen to instructions and directions before staring the work
  • Should learn to take decisions independently
  • Should go along well with the colleagues
  • Should be regular at work
  • Shouldn’t show lack of energy while taking up fresh assignment