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Proper workplace

A proper workplace will provide a highly productive work environment where there will be minimum work-disruptions due to poor workplace behaviour of the employee. As organisation with good work environment earns reputation because it makes the business associates of the organisation and the business community, in general, very happy.

  • Organisations with good and productive workplace environment will provide:
  • Adequate training to the employees for performing his / her duties efficiently.
  • All the relevant information available to the employees for performing his / her duties efficiently.
  • Presence of a cell where grievance can be reported, and once a grievance is reported prompt action on the reported grievance is taken.
  • Existence of an appraisal system through which performance assessment and guidance to performance development are made available to meet the requirements of the employees as well as the needs of the organisation. In many cases the appraisal system is linked with rewards and compensation, which create a positive mindset amongst the employees.