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How to be a better employee

For those who are employed and are working, it will be important to learn how to become a better employee. We can confidently tell you, it is not difficult. You will be able to see the results just be taking care of the following simple things:

  1. Keep a smile on your face, which is the easiest thing to do.
  2. Try to reach office on time and try not to become always first to leave office.
  3. Don’t bring your personal problems at workplace.
  4. Try to compliment your colleagues who are a step below you or who are your equals or who are a step above you. Initially one may find it difficult but with practice the compliments will flow automatically.
  5. Keep some time to discuss about your colleagues family issues or holiday plans or hobbies, etc. before bringing up serious matters.
  6. Some time it may become important to criticise your colleague. Preferably do that is private and out it in a way that does not hurt your colleague.
  7. Remember to learn every day. Don’t be satisfied with your present knowledge. If we stop learning, we will go backward.
  8. Take extra care to read / review your email before hitting the [send] button. Don’t send email when you are angry. If you are angry, if possible, speak to the recipient of the email over phone and the send the email.