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Good work ethics at workplace

We all know good work ethics at workplace, and people with good work ethics are always rewarded. Let’s now look at some of the key work ethics, which the employers expect from their employees.


Any job assigned should be done with utmost honesty, without cheating, lying or stealing.


Persons who are dependable are considered to be reliable as well. Such people bring out good results and sets good example for people around.

Positive work habits:

People with positive work habits impress the people working with and the superiors as well. For example coming to work late, leaving workplace early, dressing inappropriately, etc. are considered as signs of not following good work ethics.


One should not wait to be told what to do, but should take initiative to do a right thing in an acceptable manner.


People with good work ethics show humbleness and modesty, which are the two basic elements of good work ethics.


We all will agree that at workplace each and every person is a part of the team, no matter what role the person plays in it. A person with good work ethics will try to do what is beneficial for the team as a whole, and will not do what is only good for him.


Efficiency is vital for own growth as well as for the betterment of the company one working with. Efficiency is the hallmark of good workers. Inefficient employees will normally waste time and resources.