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About team and teamwork

A team is a group of individuals, all working together for a common purpose. Success of a team can be evaluated from quality of the teamwork not from the quality of the members of the team, and success of a team depends on the team members and the team leader.

A good team

The characteristics of a good team are:

  • There is plenty of communication between the team members, and everyone in the team understands the team goals.
  • Everyone participates actively.
  • Everyone is supportive of others.
  • Everyone takes initiative to get things done.
  • Everyone is focused on the ultimate goal of the work.
  • Team decisions are taken after discussion. Difference of opinion are recorded and are referred to during future decision-making activities.
  • Each team member trusts the decision of the team, and the team members show acceptance of the decisions taken by the team.
  • Team member’s feedback is welcomed and is look into seriously.

A good team member

A good team will have good team members. The following are some of the characteristics of a good team member:

  • Will keep a positive attitude.
  • Will involve others in decision-making process.
  • Will work for consensus on decisions.
  • Will trust other team members and will support them and will express genuine concern for other team members.
  • Will own mistakes rather than blaming them on others.
  • Will encourage development of other team members and will extend all support for those.
  • Will be willing to collaborate and help.
  • Will share information and resources with the team members. Since the team members are all working towards a single goal, one contributes to that goal by keeping everyone informed.
  • Will offer past experience and knowledge to other team members.
  • Will consider and, if possible, will use new ideas and suggestions from other team members.
  • Will encourage feedback from other team members on own behaviour.
  • Will understand the team activities and will be committed to team objective.
  • Will not be very selective about projects and will express willingness to take on challenge.

A good team leader

We have said “success of a team depends on the team members and the team leader”. We now know what all area expected from a good team member. In the following paragraphs we will now talk about the characteristics of a good team leader.

  • The team leader will be a kind as well as tough. He will motivate the team members with constructive feedback and also with kindness.
  • The team leader will maintain good relationship with the team members, and will earn trust and admiration from the team members.
  • The team leader will monitor the team moral, and will be supportive and caring.
  • The team leader will be open to new ideas.
  • The team leader will share responsibility and will empower the team members to take decisions. He will view mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • The team leader will share his dream, vision and passion, and will focus to guide the team-efforts on achieving that vision.
  • The team leader will have good listen skills. This is important because the team members will feel good if they are heard.
  • The team leader will be interested in team members and people of other teams, and will easily build relationships with the people at all levels and in all situations. This will give the team members a clear idea about the team leader and they will know that the team leader feels about them.
  • Then team leader will take time to set clear objectives and goals for the team members, and will give clear road map to achieve the goals.
  • The team leader will review and evaluate the work being done. The leader will be very clear about how the success will be measured and will clearly indicate the baseline information and will keep reviewing the process towards reaching the milestones.
  • The team leader will never make promises that he cannot keep.
  • The team leader never gets threatened is anyone in the team demonstrates leadership quality. He will take care of those initiatives for creating the next leader.